Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reset done by any user for Site Status (SMS_COMPONENT_STATUS_SUMMARIZER)

If any user done Site reset if found in red/yellow to set to OK… then below message will appear



also you will see below information in one of other message

“SMS Site Control Manager added a "Property List" item named "Reset SMS_COMPONENT_STATUS_SUMMARIZER:1269225968" to the actual site control file D:\apps\sccm\inboxes\\sitectrl.ct0.

This addition occurred as a result of a site configuration change request in delta site control file D:\apps\sccm\inboxes\\incoming\t1wv43np.CT1. The change will take effect in serial number 84 of the actual site control file.”



Hope this helps to find who has reset the SMS / SCCM Site

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