Wednesday, June 23, 2010

List of log files with the description of each to remember easy.


Client Component Installation Manager - Ccim

Client Configuration Manager - Ccm

Client Install Data Manager - Cidm

Collection Evaluator - Colleval

Component Status Summarizer - Compsumm

Courier Sender - Coursend

Courier Sender Confirmation - Cscnfsvc

Despooler - Despool

Discovery Data Manager - Ddm

Distribution Manager - Distmgr

Hardware Inventory Agent - Hinv

Hierarchy Manager - Hman

Hierarchy Manager - Sitecomp

Inbox Manager - Inboxmgr

Inbox Manager Assistant - Inboxast

Inventory Data Loader - Dataldr

Inventory Processor - Invproc

LAN Sender - Sender

License Metering - Licrsvc

License Server Manager - Licsvcfg

Network Discovery - Netdisc

Offer Manager - Offermgr

Offer Status Summarizer - Offersum

Replication Manager - Replmgr

Scheduler - Sched

Sender - Sender

Setup - SMSsetup

Site Component Manager - Sitecomp

Site Control Manager - Sitectrl

Site System Status Summarizer - Sitestat

SMS Administrator Provider - SMSprov

SMS Executive - SMSexec

SMS NT Logon Manager - NT_logon

SMS Provider - SMSprov

SMS SQL Monitor - SMSdbmon

SMS_Bootstrap Service - SMS_bootstrap

Software Inventory Agent - Sinv

Software Inventory Processor - Sinvproc

SQL Error Logs – Errorlog  and sqldbmon

Status Manager - Statmgr

Windows Networking Logon Discovery - NTlgdscm

Windows Networking Logon Installation - NTlginst

Windows NT Logon Discovery Agent - Ntlgdsca

Windows NT Logon Discovery Manager - Ntlgdscm

Windows NT Logon Server Manager - NT_logon

Windows NT Server Discovery Agent – Ntsvrdis

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