Sunday, January 10, 2010

Native Mode Steps- Reference

First, make sure you really want to do this.

Choose between Native Mode and Mixed Mode

Second, review the (quite detailed) checklist

Administrator Checklist: Migrating a Site to Native Mode

For most installations, you will have to do the following

1. Create a custom web site

Configure Custom Web Sites for Configuration Manager Sites

Configure a Configuration Manager Site to Use a Custom Web Site

2. Create the necessary PKI Infrastructure

SCCM 2007 PKI with Windows Server 2003 CA

SCCM 2007 PKI with Windows Server 2008 CA

3. Configure a Fallback Status Point (less secure, but really useful)

Create a Fallback Status Point in Configuration Manager

4. Switch to native mode

Configure the Site Server with its Site Server Signing Certificate

Specify the Root Certification Authority Certificates for Operating System Deployment Clients

Migrate the Site Mode from Mixed Mode to Native Mode


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